Al Hodhud for creative content unveiled its latest project for developing and enhancing reading skills in the Arabic language; “Salma: Reading, Learning, playing ” ,in partnership with TRS Learning Center

The project was showcased at the educational exhibition that took part during the Third Conference for the private educational sector in Amman- Jordan.

A brief on Salma:

–          Salma is a reading skills & learning tools program.

–          The first project of its kind in the Arabic Language.

–          Utilizes technology as a tool to achieve the goals of the program.

–          Applies the method of learning through play and fun.

–          Designed for school, educational institutions and training center.

Who is Salma?

Salma is an adventurous instructor who takes the children on an exciting journey that develops and enhances reading skills and tools. Some of the skills addressed:

–          Letter sounds and names.

–          Vocabulary

–          Spelling

–          Development of a sight words (decoding)

–          Sentence composition

–          Comprehension

About the program:

–          Built on the latest discoveries in the child’s mental development (practice, imagination, repetition, visual and auditory stimulation)

–          Provides insights on progress and advancements through administrative tools for both educators and parents.

–          Combines learning with fun games.

–          Enhances linguistic, reading and cognitive abilities.

Targeted audience:

–          Educational institutions

  • –          Schools
  • –          Kindergartens
  • –          Training centres
  • –          Special Education institutions